The World's First VIP Perks Program For ChangeMakers

Perks not based on how much you spend... but on how much GOOD you do!

The World's First VIP Perks Program For ChangeMakers

Perks not based on how much you spend... but on how much GOOD you do!

Earn "Mints" for Good Deeds

Mints are a tasty term for "credits." You earn Mints by doing good stuff in the world.

Redeem Mints for Perks

The more Mints you earn, the more Perks you'll unlock. How easy is that?

The Dream

Our vision is a world in which ChangeMakers are celebrated more than celebrities, and admired more than athletes or actors. We want to see these everyday heroes enjoy the same VIP status for their contributions to the community!

Simple as that.

3 things you can do to help make this dream come true!

Back Us

Selling our Wearable Art is how we support our mission. So when you make a purchase, you're making it your mission, too.

Get a whopping 10 Mints for every $1 you spend with us!

Share Your Story

Our "Certified ChangeMaker" program inspires change by crowdsourcing social media stories of ChangeMakers.

Get 50 Mints for creating or sharing a story using #changemint

Invite Your Friends

The bigger our tribe, the more influence we'll have the world's best brands... and that means more and more Perks!

Get 50 Mints for every friend that supports us with a purchase!

Questions? Who better than a teacher to answer them :-)

Questions? Who better than a teacher to answer them :-)

Who's eligible to participate in ChangeMaker VIP Perks?

You are!

How do I enroll in the ChangeMaker VIP Perks Program?

If you haven't done so already, just create your Create Your FREE ChangeMaker Account. We'll get you started with 20 Mints. Simple as that!

So I don't have to buy anything to participate in the VIP Perks Program?

Nope, you sure don't. However, we'd sure appreciate it if you'd support our mission by making a purchase! It's how we pay the bills around here.

So what exactly are "Mints?"

"Mints" is simply a term for credits, or points. It's a fun way to measure your progress in the VIP Perks program. Plus, Mints sounds a lot yummier than credits, don't they?

What are Perks?

Perks are benefits offered by our business partners, and redeemed with those awesome organizations. It's our big idea of how to acknowledge and honor the world's ChangeMakers. Examples of Perks include discounts, freebies, bonus points in their loyalty programs, VIP treatment, and other great stuff like that.

I don't see a lot of Perks right now... what's up?

Valid question! You may not see as many Perks as you'd like right now because we are just starting out on this mission, and we're working hard every day to get more Perks for our ChangeMakers to enjoy!

Want to help us get more Perks? Just make sure to create your FREE ChangeMaker account, and then invite your friends, too... because the bigger our tribe, the more Perks we'll be able to get from companies that want to support you for your good deeds.

And if you really love this mission, please support us with the purchase of our ChangeMint Wearable Art. 35% of every dollar we make on sales goes to support our ChangeMaker VIP Perks program.

How do I earn Mints?

You "earn" Mints by creating positive change in the world. The more good you do, the more Mints you get... and the more Mints you get, the more Perks you get. Get it?

You also earn Mints by simply creating your FREE ChangeMaker account, referring your friends, and supporting our mission with a purchase of Wearable Art!

How many Mints do I get if I buy some Wearable Art?

Our line of Wearable Art is how we support our mission to create change in the world. So, when you make a purchase, you're making it your mission, too! So we'll give you 10 Mints for every $1 you spend with us. And when you see all the ways to get rewarded, we think you'll agree that it's a great investment in change! Woo Hoo!

How exactly do I earn Mints by creating or sharing ChangeMaker stories on social media?

Creating and sharing ChangeMakers' stories is the best way to inspire others to create change in the world! Here's how you do it:

1. Create your story (or find one to share) and then post it on social media using the hashtag #changemint.

2. You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Or, what the heck... share on all of them!

3. We approve postings at least once a day, and when we approve yours we'll add your tasty new (and well-deserved) Mints to your account! BTW, we approve postings just to keep the world's knuckleheads ruining our vibe :-)

How do I redeem a Perk?

You redeem Perks much like any other promotional offer. Simply select it from the VIP Perks Program and follow the instructions. The business offering the Perk will instruct you to either redeem it with them online, in their app, or within one of their physical locations. Easy!

Where can I find the VIP Perks program?

Just click the big green "ChangeMaker VIP Perks" Launcher on the bottom-right of every page of our website.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

We are here to help in any way we can! Just send us a note at and we'll come running!

I love it! How do I get started?

Very simple. If you haven't already done so, just create your FREE ChangeMaker Account and let's go change the world together. If you're already a ChangeMaker, a good place to start is to support the mission with the purchase of some ChangeMint Wearable Art!