ChangeMint Gives Back

When it comes to creating change, we literally "wear our hearts on our sleeves" and give back a whopping 35% of all revenues toward creating positive change. 

First, we invest 25% of sales revenues in our Certified ChangeMaker Rewards program. which celebrates and rewards the world's ChangeMakers. After all, that's what ChangeMint is about!

Plus, we give back another 10% directly to ChangeMakers supporting our mission, or we donate it to a great cause. Here's how that works...


We built ChangeMint to be a platform that creates opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved. In other words, we didn’t just build this for us to use. We built it for you, too, because we believe that creating these relationships will be the force multiplier that turns our collective impact into a "moonshot" for creating positive change.

Getting started is easy. Just create your free "ChangeMint Gives Back" account here and then start sharing ChangeMint with your family, friends and followers. Every time these great people support our mission by purchasing some of our Wearable Art, you get 10% to use as you see fit. Simple as that.


For all other sales (outside the ChangeMint Gives Back program), we give the 10% directly back to good causes that we'll rotate on a regular basis. First up is Feeding America, because no one should go to bed hungry tonight! Every sale will generate 30-44 meals for the hungry!

So, either way, every purchase of our Wearable Art creates change!


By creating a ChangeMint Gives Back account, you are agreeing to the Program's terms, which you can review here. Yes, it's some legalese... but not too bad. It simply outlines what's ok, what's not ok, and makes sure knuckleheads don't try to use our platform to promote negativity or other bad things. Pretty simple.

You'll earn a 10% on every sale generated, and can track your proceeds directly from your dashboard. We'll also provide some cool graphics you can use in your efforts, and we'll support you every step of the way!


How much money can you raise by helping us change the world? That's entirely up to you. We believe there to be a lot of people craving this message of positivity, just like we do, so the market is definitely wide open for go-getters that want to help. 

Put forth as much or as little effort as you like, depending upon your lifestyle and personal goals. If you're raising money for a cause, then get other supporters involved, too! Whatever you choose, we will help in any way we can. 

More questions? We're here for you. Just reach out anytime at We can't wait to meet you!

Sign up for your free ChangeMint Gives Back account here