About Us

ChangeMint is a social enterprise born out of tatters of what people commonly refer to as the year 2020. We decided that instead of remembering this year as one big catastrophe, wrapped in pain… we will remember it as a time when humanity woke up to what we really are: a compassionate brother-and-sisterhood of souls created to care. About one another. About our world. About “doing good.”

So, instead of focusing on the heartache, we are focusing on the amazing people out there helping others. It's made us re-imagine what it means to be a VIP (a Very Important Person). Is it an actor that portrays a doctor or nurse on TV; or is it someone actually on their feet for twelve-hours caring for their patients? Is a VIP a famous athlete that runs into the end zone and scores a touchdown; or is it someone that runs into your house when it's on fire?

We all know the answer to those two questions. But here's a new question: why don't these everyday heroes get to enjoy VIP treatment that they so richly deserve? We had no good answer for that, so we decided to create VIP Experiences for people that aren't based on how famous you are, or how much money you have... but on how much good you do.  

We hope you like it. It's truly a labor of love.