One of the Best People EVER!

#CertifiedChangeMaker DebbieSue is a Domestic Violence Advocate for the State of Florida, and has founded "Meme's Purses with a Purpose." This amazing group collect purses, fills them with a variety of toiletries (like shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.) and then distributes them to Women's Shelters and Homeless Shelters. And oh yeah... each purse contains a lucky penny, too 🙂
DebbieSue was nominated by her friend Bill, who says that she is PROOF POSITIVE that we can ALL choose to make a difference for others. I'm so honored to call you a new friend!" DebbieSue, we built #ChangeMint to honor amazing people like you!
#Survivor #Volunteer #WorldsBestMom 

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