Meet our ChangeMakers!

Certified ChangeMakers

  • World's Greatest Mom AND Grandma!

    Mary was nominated by her daugher-in-law Brie, who said: "My mother-in-law, Mary Rodriguez has raised two great kids (one of whom I married :-) and is now becoming the world's best Grandma to my baby son, Francisco."
  • Helping others live their best lives!

    Today's Certified ChangeMaker is Tomora. Tomora makes this world better by teaching sign language. 
  • A profile in courage, and great role model for us all!

    Mya was nominated by her friend Shane, who said: "Mya is a wonderful person who has not only survived being homeless but also survived domestic abuse. She now volunteers to help the homeless..."
  • A great human and a great dad, too!

    Shane was nominated by his friend Mya, who said: "Shane is one amazing man, and one I certainly admire. Not only does he take amazing care of his daughter, but he is advocate for animals..."
  • A new leash on life. Turning rescue dogs into service animals!

    Kelly was nominated by her friend Melissa, who said: "Kelly has been around for a while rescuing dogs from shelters and training them as service dogs..."
  • Best Mom!

    Teresa was nominated by Barb, who said: "Best mom, bestie, great advice and gives great hugs..."
  • A Teacher to Remember

    Paulette was nominated by Florence, who said: "Paulette is a school teacher. She teaches at various schools through an agency. She loves connecting with the kids and instructing in math and science..."
  • Helping Veterans overcome PTSD

    Anthony was nominated by his daughter Maddie, who said: "This is my father Anthony. He is a brain specialist that helps military veterans overcome PTSD so that they can recover and get their lives back..."
  • A Physical Therapist who also volunteers. That's a double-dose of awesomeness!

    Norma was nominated by her sister Theresa, who said: "My sister, Norma is a mom who works as a physical therapist! She brings positivity each and every day to all of her patients helping them to live their best lives..."