Born to be a nurse

ChangeMaker Chris P is making this world a better by being an awesome Nurse. Chris says, I knew deep down that I wanted to be a nurse since I became a medical assistant at the age of 16 years old and worked my way up to becoming an RN. I get asked often why a Nurse and not a doctor? Simple, as a nurse we heal and care directly for patients and Doctors diagnose. As a nurse, we are always at the bedside of our patients treating and healing these patients. As a nurse, I have the opportunity to build a report and relationship with my patients. The ability to create a special bond and trust with my patients. Nursing is not about the money for but simply about the joy that it brings me knowing I’m helping make a difference in these patients life. It also gives me the ability to experience taking care of patients of all races, religions, cultures and much more. Having this kind of experience not only adds to my nursing skills but adds to my ability to provide patient centered and individual care. Each patient that I treat has their own individualized care plan specific to their needs. Being a nurse is much more than just being a “Nurse”. We are educators, house keepers, caregivers, and much more. So much we do in the practice of nursing. I couldn’t see myself doing it or being anything else other than a Nurse.
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